BlokCrafters is a Guild candidate for the WAX blockchain located in the USA.


About Us

Located in the USA, we are a team of four with a mix of back and front end development with more than 25+ years of combined experience in IT technologies. Ever since discovering EOS in its ICO phase in Q1 2017 it has sparked a strong passion within us and we have been following and engaging with the EOS community ever since. We perceive the EOSIO vision to be the first step to the next-generation web 3.0, open-source blockchain protocol.

As gamers ourselves, we are very excited to bring our passion and teams experience to best serve the WAX community/ecosystem.


Our Team at BlokCrafters has 25+ years of experience combined

  • - administration
  • - development
  • - maintenance
  • - security

  • Producer Node Details: (bare metal machine)
  • - CPU: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2667v2
  • - RAM: 256GB
  • - DISK: Raid 10 Configuration

  • Seed Node Details: (virtual machine)
  • - CPU: AMD EPYC 7601 @ 2200 MHz
  • - RAM: 4GB
  • - DISK: 80GB SSD

  • We expect that our infrastructure at launch for the WAX block chain will be sufficient for the near term. As the requirements for Guilds infrastructure increase we will scale with it. As Guild rewards begin to be distributed, we plan on adding a back up Producer Node operating on a fully locally owned bare metal machine as well as migrating the whole infrastructure to a bare metal server locally owned by us.


    BlokCrafters mission is to facilitate and grow the WAX network. Our goal is to offer high quality infrastructure such as keeping the network stable and secure for the WAX blockchain.
    Applying full transparency is key to developing trust within the community, that's why we will be transparent with how we spend our funds. We at BlokCrafters are glad to take in any community advice or any reasonble request from the EOS community.
    BlokCrafters will fully support & defend the guidelines and governance set by the EOS Constitution. We take this very seriously, the constitution is the foundation of which the EOSIO ecosystem is built upon.
    To act with honesty and integrity is a fundemental part with-in the team at BlokCrafters. We believe in the importance for a decentralized nature of governance, and therefore will not be influenced by a vested interest. BlokCrafters is an enterily self-funded entity without any external investment.
    Founding members comprise 100% ownership Nickeles Kerkinni, Brandon Dickey.
    • Block Production Company: Blokcrafters LLC.
    • The BlokCrafters LLC company is a Guild candidate for the WAX blockchain BlokCrafters LLC
    • Legal Entity type: Limited Liability Company
    • Jurisdiction: United States
    • Location: 483 Mandalay ave, Suite 200, Level 2, Clearwater Beach, Florida
    • EIN/Company Registration#: EIN number 84-2400126 | L19000183235
    • Established: July 2019
    • Primary purpose and assets: Block Production.

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